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What would be possible for you, if the way you spoke about and to yourself shifted?

How much more would your relationships thrive if you were able to let go of past disappointments?

What is at stake for you, if you continue to allow others to disrespect your time, space, or boundaries?

What if you learned how to fight fair?

Relating to the people around us is incredibly hard when we are struggling to find a balance between the gremlins in our minds and those of the outside world.

Moreover, because of this exact battle of realities, this impacts how we connect with matter how hard we try to compartmentalize. 

My most significant pain in life is witnessing the continuous profound impact, and emotional distress caused by the deterioration of the self, and relationship.

This deterioration has been the struggle for the majority of my life until I learned how to get out of my own way and address the triggers that kept me feeling like I needed to be quiet, ever compromising and people pleasing. I learned how my response to the conflicts in my relationships contributed to the breakdown in my marriage and other intimate relationships over the years.

Fascinating, right!?

How is it that the person who doesn’t rock the boat, is always diplomatic and puts more energy into caring for my partner - at all be on the hook for contributing to discord?

I can’t wait to tell you how, as well as what the hidden pearls of wisdom are and the associated blind spots of all five conflict management archetypes.


Meet Your Relationship Coach


I’m Whitney Gaffari, and I founded
The Conscious Partners Program Series to assist couples and singles in better understanding how to relate to themselves and their partners, thus creating the springboard to start experiencing more fulfilling sex, a deepened sense of love and restored intimacy in their relationships.

I am the creator of  From Conflict2Connection, a 7-week online intensive that teaches people how to evaluate their conflict management style so they can eliminate the drama and crush ALL the #relationshipgoals. 

For over the past decade through coaching, I have helped countless individuals with diverse backgrounds and situations navigate the tricky roads of love. 

"I’ve been participating in Whit’s workshops and in-depth trainings for a couple of years now, and every time I think I have heard something broken down in the simplest of ways, here she comes breaking my mind open to new insight. I consider Whitney to be one of my number 1 go-to resources for navigating the relationship I have with myself and with the women I date. Using your methodology, Whitney, I was able to completely transform the way I was reacting to information or behavior from my partner that I “felt didn’t add up.” The very first thing that Whitney helped me to learn was that my usual response to the tension was not maintaining my relationship; instead, it was destroying it. My interrogation approach was pushing me into an authoritative space, and my partner on the defense. I’m thankful for you helping me to spot red flags earlier on in the relationship and how you helped me gracefully breakup with integrity in my last relationship. It has been a bumpy ride for sure but nowhere near what it would have been, had I not had a relationship coach to help me uncover how’ I’m contributing to my own pain in many ways."


More about me...

Professional Background

I started my professional coaching career as a Certified Health and Life Coach gaining the attention of Flourish Magazine where my business and I were featured. 

I became a Certified Relationship Coach after noticing a trend in the needs of the clients that were gravitating to me.

Over 10 years helping multitudes of couples and singles navigate relationship pitfall.

"The remaining three years of my 10-year relationship with my fiance was less than ideal. I started experiencing severe depression, and I didn’t know how to talk to my partner about it. As her heightened anxiety about the stability of our relationship increased the more emotional distress, I experienced internally and quietly. Not only am I now in a space to recognize my part in the dissolving of my relationship, I also have gotten clear by working with Whitney just how to express my needs even when facing big emotions that I may not know what to do with. I’m grateful for her coaching."


"Whitney is such a rare gem to work with, and I appreciate the space she gives me to process through my limiting beliefs with her, and she doesn’t count me out just because I may get tripped up by them again. Whit, you’re a phenomenal coach, and your program is the real deal!"


I'm all about connection


What makes me feel the most alive is experiencing the human connections around me and watching them flourish into strong bonds. There’s something so intrinsically insatiable, about seeing someone who is thriving in their life because of their keen sense of self, boundaries, and committed practice of clear communication.

  • Family units, constellations, and partnerships
  • Organizations and teams
  • Communities

are so much stronger, more productive, and more confident when they are not derailed by doubt, overwhelm, fear or mistrust when the individuals who make them up are authentically themselves and fully self-expressed.


is the impact in the world I’m out to create

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...and I'll see you on the other side! 

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